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Feeding Your Puppy: What, When, How 

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Your puppy has been raised on Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food 

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Nutrition & Food: Our puppies begin Life’s Abundance supplements when starting dry food because of the powerful antioxidants which help eliminate free radicals and boosts the immune system, creating a preventative against skin and coat problems, various forms of cancer, heart issues, arthritis, cataracts, tumors, digestive problems, allergies, and even hip dysplasia. 

We believe it is crucial for your puppy to continue taking Life's Abundance Nutritional System. This amazing food is made daily in small batches and tested BEFORE  being  shipped to our door! Its about 3 to 6 weeks old when it arrives thus your puppy will never be fed 1 to 4 year old food like the large companies!  NO RECALLS in 20 years of operation! This is HUGE, almost every mega company has had recalls and many many deaths have occurred. 

Our food has GUARANTEED prebiotics and probiotics, omegas and vitamins, and antioxidants.  Every batch is tested for analysis and safety and holistically balanced and never has  wheat, corn, soy, or by-products and NEVER will. 

 I recommend the all life stages or the Small/ Medium Breed Puppy NOT the grain free option for your baby. They have excellent treats too, the Turkey & Berry Chews, the antioxidant bars, the bully sticks in particular are wonderful ❤️ unlike training your puppy with treats bought from pet stores, these treats do not cause digestion issues when I train my little tiny 5 week and older babies!

They have a nice dog food calculator under the food bag sizes that you can click on to know how often to have it shipped to your door!!  They also have brand comparisons as well which is very interesting and eye opening. ❤️ 

  We have found our dogs and puppies to not be so ravenous in between meals because of the brown rice and oat groats, even though they eat less of this food due to the calorie count per cup. You will be shocked at how wonderfully fresh it smells and how much the dogs love it!

Please note: providing a higher nutritious and balanced food, helps to prevent fast growth, fewer bone problems, fewer vet bills, and promotes longer life. 


Over the months ahead, your puppy’s feeding needs will change and will need to be adjusted. The weight of your puppy can have a severe negative impact on it’s overall health long term. If your puppy is obese, our health contract will become void. After spaying or neutering atone year, their feed needs will almost be reduced in half. It is very important to adjust the amount you are feeding after a spay and neuter and increase grooming due to the fact that they will often become obese, even if you are exercising a lot, and their coat just keeps growing.

· Feeding: At 8 to 10 weeks your puppy will be eating approximately ½ to 1 cup three times daily of Life’s Abundance “All Life Stages” food. By 4 to 5 months of age, your puppy will probably only need to eat twice a day. He/ She will let you know by not being too interested in one of his/her meals.

· Never feed your puppy a food with more than 28% protein!! Your puppy will be eating approx. 1 ½ to 3 cups per day by the time he/she is full-grown. (If kept on Life’s Abundance, this amount will be lower! My adults eat 1 1/2 to 2 cups per day! Please be aware that if your puppy gets altered, he/she will require significantly less food per day or he/she will become obese! This will in return become very hard on their joints. I strive to keep all of my dogs a very healthy lean weight and recommend you do the same. 


*Place the appropriate amount of food in a bowl. Use an ACTUAL measuring cup (included in your puppy pack. Measuring exactly is key. Do not just estimate. This can easily lead to your puppy not getting the correct amount. Aussies and most dogs will often make you think they are constantly starving. Some adults feel guilty over this and it can easily add more food causing the puppy to be obese. I add a small bit of water over the kibble and your puppy should consume their food quite quickly. Do not leave the bowl down if your puppy walks away.. Pick it up and offer the correct amount at the next feeding time. Puppies under 4 months  

of age should be fed three times daily; between 4 and 6 months old, two times daily; and once or twice per day after twelve months of age. Puppies maturing into adults will naturally decrease the number of feedings per day on their own. By feeding on a set schedule, the dog will then go to the bathroom on a more set schedule and make house training easier and faster. Make it a habit to give the puppy some quiet time after the meal.